Wrapping the Air Force Research Lab’s Touring Trailer

We handle vehicle wraps of all shapes, sizes, and styles. Every once in a while, though, something really big comes along. In spring of 2021, the team here at Valley Signs was tapped to work with the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) to create what would be a recruiting showpiece. 

We quickly realized the magnitude of the project and the attention to detail that would be required. Our team took a trip to the former Griffiss Air Force base to inspect both the tractor and the trailer. The tractor had been on the road but was in excellent shape. Measurements and photos were taken for reference. The trailer, however, had seen better days. It had fairly extensive damage, rust, corrosion, and patchwork repairs. We had to make it known that even though we are certified 3M MCS warrantors, the wrap on this trailer would not fall under that warranty program. There was a near guarantee of failures should they be asked to wrap the areas in question. The AFRL then sought out and acquired a brand new trailer—one that was 10 feet longer than the original!

Our team worked very closely with the AFRL’s design team. We provided tips and tricks, as well as a meticulous process of producing color swatches (using the exact material needed for the wrap itself)  to exactly match the blue color of the tractor cab.

Thanks to the help of trusted vendors, and careful planning, we were able to properly source all materials needed for the project—even with the hampering supply chain issues. Once the design was complete and approved for production, the tractor was brought to Valley Signs for installation. 

A similar process took place for the design of the trailer wrap. This time however, our team would travel on-site to install the wrap at the AFRL secured facility inside of their hangar. In the course of just over 4 days, the install team worked together on 25 vinyl panels spanning both sides of the trailer, as well as the front and back. Over one thousand rivets needed to be individually addressed to insure a flawless installation and the longevity of the wrap. 

The project was completed in March of 2022. The AFRL team was excited and impressed. Their driver took the tractor and trailer for a ‘victory’ lap around the AFRL facility to show off the flashy new show piece. It then headed across the country for its first big event.

The project was about as large of a scale as vehicle wraps come and it had a lot of moving parts: government agencies, separate design teams, security protocols, and two installation sites. However, with our extensive training, experience, and skilled project management coordination, the entire plan went off spectacularly!

We are very honored and proud to have worked so closely with the Air Force Research Lab and produce a winning result together. If you’re thinking about getting a vehicle wrap of your own, for your business or personal use, our team is ready to design and install your project. We’re confident that if we can make the Air Force Research Lab happy, we can make you happy too.

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