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Valley Signs’ build-out for the Greater New York Office of Northwestern Mutual

After helping the Northwestern Mutual Office in Utica with their expansion and build-out, Valley Signs’ work was recognized by another branch, the Greater New York Office of Northwestern Mutual, in Syracuse, NY. Valley Signs was then hired to head up signage for their own large-scale build-out and remodel.

A project of this magnitude came with a great deal of interesting challenges that required acute foresight and planning each phase out to meet the exact needs of what the client was looking to accomplish. Expectations were high and Valley Signs was up for the task.

Phase I: Preliminary Evaluation and Assessment

The job included outfitting their entire training room, creating a visually impactful entryway, various wall wraps, photo op backgrounds, and a personal ‘wow’ piece per request of the Managing Partner. Valley Signs was tasked with top-to-bottom design concepts, fabrication and installation. 

Their offices were under heavy renovations at the time, which meant collecting on-site information was at a premium. Every possible dimension and photos of every wall and corner Walk through videos were taken to help tie all the spaces together visually. Construction blueprints were provided by the Greater New York Office of Northwestern Mutual to fill some of the details, including their office color schemes. Their drawings were extremely helpful to help plan the design phase.

Phase II: Design

After gathering the on-site concrete data from on-site, the Valley Signs team hashed out themes, styles, colors, materials, and more. In order to get a better idea of what the client wanted, we asked them to provide some photos of some that they liked. Valley Signs picked up the creative conceptualization from there. 

Large-scale samples were created and provided to the Greater New York Office of Northwestern Mutual, using the exact materials we would later be using for the signage. Having these samples in-hand reassured the client of the material’s qualities, and allowed them to truly visualize what the finished product would look and feel like. Trust began to build. 

Once the sample designs were approved, the design team tackled laying out a collage to the founder of the Northwestern Mutual business model, a historic timeline, redesigning recognition plaques, large wall wraps, and of course the ‘wow piece’ – dedicated to Servant Leadership.

As the design process moved forward and finalized, deadlines for installations were set. It was time to produce the actual signage and to bring it all to life.

Phase III: Production

Valley Signs planned out the production timeline and scheduled an installation date. These plans were based on how long it would take to fabricate all pieces, assembly, transportation, and installation times. Patterns, templates and jigs needed fabrication for production, assembly, and installation purposes as well. Without them, the project would be impossible.

With all dates set, the race against time was on!

Phase IV: Installation

With fabrication and production complete, smaller pieces were assembled at Valley Signs while larger, complex pieces were transported in sections. They required on-site assembly.

Some of the installation methods would be a first experience for the Valley Signs team, but their careful planning paid off. Perfectly matched colors, precision carved acrylic, and sharply routed shapes fit firmly into place. The client’s message was conveyed clearly and concise. Both Valley Signs and the Northwestern Mutual team were happy.

As the Greater New York Northwestern Mutual Office boasted their new office space and signage, once again, more of their branches took notice. From there, Valley Signs began to take orders to duplicate and ship pieces to various Northwestern Mutual Offices throughout the country!

In Summary

Valley Signs’ goal for this project – and every project – is twofold: provide the highest quality signage, as well as a truly pleasant customer experience. The team at Valley Signs genuinely cares about its customers and about delivering the satisfaction that they want – or more!

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