How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car?

We are commonly asked ‘How much would it cost to wrap my vehicle/truck/car?’. This can be a simple answer, but a lot more goes into your vehicle wrap cost than you may be aware of. When figuring a price on a wrap job, we consider 3 things:

  1. Design
  2. Production
  3. Installation


Having a quality design is essential. The first question to answer is will this be just door lettering, a partial wrap, half wrap or full wrap? Prices vary depending on design and vehicle. Designs can be provided by the customer, or put together by our expert designers here at Valley Signs. Other design cost factors include single color vs. print; vision, message or goal or the wrap; and design complexity. 


Production costs include specific material, how much material, printing, laminating and cutting. Keep in mind, not all vinyls are created equal. Valley Signs uses only name brand vinyls. We use 3M vinyls as our flagship, and we are 3M MCS certified installers. However, depending on the application and our expert knowledge of materials, we do offer several other brand name materials, including Arlon, Avery and Oracal. This is also a factor in your wrap cost. 


This is the final factor in determining a wrap cost. Flat surfaces, like box trucks and vans can be much easier than a vehicle with many compound curves like a sports car. For certain wraps we will sometimes remove fixtures like mirrors, door handles, emblems or lights to better apply the vinyl and fully cover the surface. Other considerations are the type of surface (painted, plastic, glass, etc) in conjunction with the material being used. Complexity of the install is often minimal but can play a factor when considering cost. 

So, What Does It Cost Already?

As you see it can be tricky to give an accurate quote without honing in the details. However, here are some ideas of cost for certain vehicles and options: 

  • Standard two door lettering price $250
  • Basic decaling $525
  • Partial wrap (average van) starts at $1,600
  • Full Wrap (average car) starts at $2,200
  • Full Wrap (average box truck) starts at $3,500

These are ballpark numbers to give you an idea of what the price point may be. We look at every job on a case by case basis, and we can always work within your budget. 

Is A Car Wrap Worth It?

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America says that vehicle advertising can be the most effective and efficient form of out of home advertising. It reaches more consumers at a lower cost per thousand impressions than any other form of advertising. It’s estimated that vehicle wrap advertising can cost as little as 4¢ per thousand impressions. Compare that to a newspaper ad at $19.70 per thousand impressions! Vinyl wraps also increase the outreach of a marketing campaign. Traditional marketing can limit your ad to a small demographic. However, your wrap will act as a mobile billboard, reaching everyone it passes from young to old, male and female.

Buyer Beware

Technology has made it easier than ever to set-up fleet wrap shops. Because of this, there is a rising number of inexperienced, untrained people offering wrap services. Your wrap should never damage your vehicle or it’s paint. However, with inexperienced installers, images can bleed through your vinyl, or your paint can be scratched or chipped during the installation process. With well over 30 years in the business, and over 60 years of in house experience, we know a thing or two about wrapping vehicles. With several credentials, including 3M MCS and Fellers Wrap certifications, we are the professionals. If you are looking to insure a quality, long lasting wrap, installed by expert professionals, we are your shop. 

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It is often a good idea to consider more than just the bottom line of a vehicle wrap cost. Everyone wants a quality job that conveys their message at a fair price. Let the team at Valley Sign take care of you, and make your vehicle stand out above the rest. 

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