What is Corporate Signage?

Signs tend to convey the most basic of information, but when it comes to corporate signage, signs should be thought of as a marketing tool. A brand message needs to be creatively embedded in each piece of signage. There is a lot of competition out there. When you have signage expertly designed and skillfully crafted, you can sleep well knowing the positive impact it will have on your company.

Customers can connect with your company as well as learn about your products and services through your signage. Signs can project professionalism which in turn creates trust. With over 3 decades in the business, Valley Signs has helped countless companies communicate their message.

The Devil is in the Details

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. This includes your logo, your colors and your products and services. Valley Signs understands how important your brand is to you. We know the questions to ask to ensure each critical detail in your signage is considered and properly addressed:

  • Do you have designated corporate colors? 
  • Are there particular fonts we should use (or not use)? 
  • What are your company’s logo standards?

If you don’t know these answers, we are equipped with software, tools and knowledge to get them. We do our homework. These details are really what conveys a unified message through your signage.

Besides our own in-house design services, we work hand in hand with many marketing firms and ad agencies. Oftentimes, we need to connect with our client’s resources to better understand the brand message. Once we are provided with all the necessary information, whether by the customer or their marketing firm, then we can let our expertise shine. From exterior building signs, monument signs, lit signs or post and panel signs, to interior wayfinding signs, room signs, and wall graphics, we will determine the best solution for you and your company. Got a vehicle fleet? We do that too!

So How Do I Know You’ll Get it Right?

With over 30 years in the sign industry, we got some experience. Valley Signs designs and manufactures in-house. We understand the ins and outs of custom signs. You will be a part of the process from start to finish; proof to installation. There will be no mistaking exactly what it is you will get from us.

We service many local businesses here in Central New York including New York Sash, JAY-K Lumber and Center State Propane, as well as many local municipalities. We also reach far beyond the area to serve national corporations including Northwestern Mutual, Bimbo Bakeries, and Go! Retail Group. In other words, big company or small company you know we will get it right.

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We know our corporate customers need things done right, and an expertly designed and well-planned signage solution can create a memorable first impression. Let our team provide you with the informative signage that meets your corporate needs, and so much more.

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Custom Corporate Signage

When you have signage expertly designed and skillfully crafted, you can sleep well knowing the positive impact it will have on your company.

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